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Personal Injury Law


​Plaintiffs who have suffered traumatic injuries and painful loss as a result of the negligence of others can receive powerful advocacy at Basso Law.

Accomplished firm counsel, John J. Basso, recently named again by Super Lawyers as one of the top trial attorneys in New York State, has had some of the largest jury verdicts and settlements in the region, approaching each case with a dedication to the highest standards of his profession. Over the course of 30 years, Mr.Basso has secured over 25 verdicts and settlements in excess of $1 million, examples of which can be found on this page. Mr. Basso is mentor and advisor to Basso Law..

In addition to representing both adults and children in a large number of Personal Injury cases, many of which were due to car, truck, bus, airplane and motorcycle accidents; on-the-job accidents; slip and fall accidents; and swimming pool accidents, among others, the firm also handles lawsuits related to defective highways, dangerous products, shooting incidents, dog bites and FELA Railroad Train Worker injuries. Many of these cases involve brain damage, quadriplegia, loss of sight and hearing, as well as injuries to the head, back, leg, arm, knee and foot. Basso Law also represents multiple medical malpractice cases involving failure to diagnose cancer of the breast, throat, and colon, as well as heart attacks and stroke; medical, surgical or drug-related errors leading to birth defects; and others.

At Basso Law, no case is considered routine; no client is considered run-of-the-mill. Every case and every client is treated as the most important issue the firm is handling. If you or a family member has been injured, Basso Law offers free legal advice to help you understand your rights and what alternatives you have in proceeding with a case. While past results do not guarantee a similar outcome, should you engage our services, you will receive our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our representation.

Because state law imposes time restrictions on many types of cases, it is advised to call 1-877-227-7652 as soon as possible for best results. While many law firms are ready to serve, a select few have the rare talent it takes to make a case that will win in court. Such is the forte of Basso Law.


Auto Accidents
Truck Accidents
Bus Accidents
Motorcycle Accidents
Boat Accidents
Airplane Accidents
Train Accidents
Victims of Drunk Drivers
Vehicle Accidents involving Pedestrians

Poorly Maintained Road
Obscured Signage

FELA (Federal Employers' Liability Act)

Medical/Surgical Errors or Trauma
leading to
Brain Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Erb's Palsy
Birth Defects
Metastasis of Cancer
Diagnostic Errors
Failure to Diagnose Cancer
Failure to Identify/
Treat Heart Attack
Failure to Identify/
Treat Stroke
Drug-Related Injuries
Birth Control
Adverse Side Effects
Medical Device Failure

Orthopedic Replacements
Cosmetic Implants
Heart Devices
Lasers & Surgical Tools
Negligent Care at Healthcare Facility
Nursing Home or Group Home
Poor Supervision
Negligent School Security
Defective Playgrounds
Toxic Chemical Exposure from Toys, etc.

Misleading Product Literature
Dangerous Products

E. Coli
Hepatitis A
Mercury Poisoning


Dog Bites and Attacks


Falling Objects
Fires, Explosions, Chemical Exposure
Rape/Assault due to Negligent Security
Dangerous Conditions due to Disrepair
Failure to Maintain Stair / Walkway Safety


Exposure to Carcinogens
leading to


Ladder Accidents
Scaffolding Accidents
Building Collapse





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Since New York State law places strict time restrictions on many types of cases, it is best to call us at 1-877-227-7652 to ensure that you may file your claim in the available time allowed. Typically, personal injury cases include a diverse variety of medical and psychological issues which must be addressed to construct the full scope of the residual effects of an accident. A wise lawyer must guide you throughout this experience in order to establish the full impact your case requires. This process takes time!


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A Sampling of Accident-Injury Jury Verdicts and Settlements by Basso Law

$5 million Medical Malpractice Infant Brain Injury Recovery

Brain Damage to Infant due to Negligent
of Anesthesia

A 4-year-old went to a New York State hospital for minor elective surgery and suffered permanent and long-standing brain damage due to the negligent administration of the wrong anesthesia due to infant’s underlying muscle disorder. In a pre-trial settlement, plaintiff was awarded $5 million in the Supreme Court of Dutchess County.
Aggressive depositions of both operating room anesthesiologists who eventually blamed each other for the error.

$3.6 million Auto Accident Spinal Fusion Jury Verdict

Automobile Accident Causes Spinal Injuries Requiring Fusion Surgery; Aggravation of Pre-Existing Knee Injury

JURY VERDICT: Supreme Court of Orange County: $ 3,592,266 for pain, suffering, loss of income and future medical expenses and $200,000 for wife’s loss of husband’s services.
Accident Reconstruction Engineer calculated force of crash based on certified vehicle weights and speed demonstrating sufficient force of impact from dump truck to cause serious injuries.

$2.9 Million Auto Accident Jury Verdict

Retired Female Army Officer Injured in Auto Accident Aggravating
Pre-Existing Army Injuries

JURY VERDICT: Supreme Court Orange County: $ 2,916,450

While driving in traffic, the plaintiff, an army officer who had previously injured her back during army operations, was rear- ended by a vehicle which resulted in aggravation of her pre-existing condition. She underwent surgical procedures to fuse her spine. The defendants claimed all injuries came from the army injury. However, a jury disagreed and awarded the plaintiff $ 2,916,450 in a jury verdict and a loss-of-services award to her husband.
Plaintiff’s world renowned surgeon used a detailed medical illustration to compare new injuries to old injuries on a video tape played at trial.

$2.7 million Wrongful Death Auto Fire Settlement

Spontaneous Car Fire Burned Plaintiff Alive

A tragic outcome for the owner of this newly purchased used vehicle which self-ignited, trapping the driver inside with noxious fumes rendering him incapable of escape, ending his life in a most horrific way. Inadequate inspection by the used car dealer
caused this wrongful death case, which settled prior to trial.
Basso Law's Personal Injury Lawyer conducted shrewd discovery of reasons for this tragedy giving him ample preparation to orchestrate a maximum recovery.


Construction Accident Causes Traumatic Brain Injury

Worker on beams of barn being built falls 40 feet suffering head and multiple fracture injuries with loss of hearing and partial sight. No safely belt and code violations.
Early investigation and a riveting exhibit resulted in a significant settlement for the plaintiff.


State-Owned Auto Causes Major
Neck Injury

A New York State-owned vehicle was blamed for an accident causing plaintiff's severe neck injury which required cervical fusion surgery.
Winning judgement on fault before trial led to settlement.

$1.9 million Product Liability Case Settlement

Plaintiff Reduced to Quadriplegic Due to Negligently Designed and Installed Swimming Pool

PRE-TRIAL STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT Guaranteed payout of $ 1,898,672 Supreme Court of Orange County, NY

Plaintiff was rendered quadriplegic after he dove into the wrong end of a murky swimming pool which had no indication as to which end was deep. A design claim was brought against the pool installation company for a lack of markings to indicate which end was shallow and which was deep – a violation of safety standards. However, although the swimming pool company had been sold since that installation was done, we nonetheless drew the new company back to the case as the “successor corporation” which had the duty to update its customers with national safety standards. The plaintiff suffered spinal cord trauma resulting in quadriplegia and the need for a wheelchair.

A large scale model of the pool evaluated by Ph.D. Engineer, and a professionally produced videotaped pre-trial “settlement brochure” demonstrating a “Day in the Life” of plaintiff, was prepared for Judge and Insurance Company to demonstrate what the trial would ultimately prove.

$1.8 Million Auto Accident Spinal Injury Drop Foot Case Settlement

Plaintiff Injured by Hit and Run “Mystery” Delivery Van

JURY VERDICT on Liability: Guaranteed payout of $ 1,800,000 in the Supreme Court of Orange County, NY

Plaintiff was a truck driver who was in a fender bender in Queens, New York. While inspecting the damage, the plaintiff was struck by a van which took off. Plaintiff was able to write down on his time card the license plate as the van sped off. We tracked down the license number and determined the truck that hit the plaintiff actually belonged to a subsidiary of a foreign government that was involved in the flower and vegetable business at Kennedy Airport. By using aerial view photography, we established the proximity of the defendant’s warehouse, the usual routes the mystery van traveled to the airport and the site of the accident. The jury agreed the van caused the accident despite the defendant's claims the van was no where near the accident site. The plaintiff suffered spinal injuries resulting in spinal surgery and was left with numbness in his leg and drop foot. Jury rendered the initial verdict in 30 minutes. Video tapes of various witnesses were used at trial.

Tracking the license plate, securing aerial photos of proximity of accident site and defendant's warehouse.

$1.8 Million Hit and Run Auto Accident Case Settlement

Teenaged Motorcyclist Brain Damaged for Life by Defendant Assumed Innocent by Police Until Plaintiff's Attorneys Produced Key Witness Who Disclosed Otherwise

SETTLEMENT $ 1,800,000 in the Supreme Court of Rensselaer County, NY

A 17-year-old Greenbush, New York motorcyclist who made a left turn into oncoming traffic suffered massive head injuries which rendered him disabled with loss of sight, loss of hearing, bedridden, and unable to communicate. This case was rejected by one of the leading trial lawyers in New York State, who simply reviewed the police report and concluded, as did the police, that the motorcycle caused the accident. Renowned accident/injury attorney John Basso accepted the case and through accident reconstruction found the defendant’s vehicle was speeding at the time of the accident. He also discovered a witness who said the defendant ran a red light which was confirmed by analyzing traffic signal sequencing.

Intense investigation to uncover and interview witness not identified on the police report, and securing intersection traffic light sequencing to calculate all lights, confirming the defendant did in fact run the light, which resulted in debilitating brain damage to the victim.

$1.75 Million Auto Accident Arm & Leg Injuries Case Jury Verdict

Woman Injured in Taconic Highway Auto Crash Resulting in Disabling Injuries to the Leg and Arm

JURY VERDICT $ 1,750,000 Supreme Court of Dutchess County

The plaintiff was struck on a Dutchess County, New York portion of the Taconic Parkway by an elderly driver who pulled out from a median. She suffered leg injuries resulting in numerous operations ultimately requiring artificial knee replacement, as well as plates and screws in her arm. Her husband, a passenger, was also injured and passed away several months later due to unrelated causes. Defendant’s Doctor claimed the plaintiff made a terrific recovery allowing her to return to work. The jury disagreed and rendered a verdict in her favor in the amount of $1,750,000 (which included $100,000 for the loss of services to her husband). The plaintiff also initiated a claim against the New York State Department of Transportation for negligent design of highway median.

Use of family photos and testimony and a professionally produced “Day In the Life” video to demonstrate Plaintiff’s previous active lifestyle at work and home to establish loss of the “quality of her life” to the jury.

$1.5 Million Auto Accident Spinal Injury Case Settlement

Working Mom Requires Back Surgery after Intersection Accident

PRE-TRIAL RESULT $ 1.5 million Supreme Court of Dutchess County

Plaintiff was stopped at an intersection and as she proceeded into the intersection a car went speeding through against a red light. Plaintiff slammed on her breaks and was rear-ended by the car behind her. Defendant claimed an emergency due to the other car running a red light. The plaintiff suffered spinal injury resulting in failed back fusion and ultimately needed to wear a back brace. She had just started a new job requiring travel, which she had to quit.

At pretrial deposition, the Defendant driver refused to testify. We secured a pretrial order of liability against the driver forcing the corporate owner of the car to pay damages caused by their employee.

$1.4 Million Construction Accident Spinal Injury Case Settlement

Construction Worker Suffers Back Injuries after Fall


Labor law violations determined the outcome of this construction case where a seasoned worker falls through unguarded scaffolding suffering serious back injuries requiring spinal fusion surgery.

Plaintiff's attorney proved failure to comply with safety regulations, giving defendants little recourse but immediate settlement.

$1.1 Million Truck Accident Spinal Injury Case Settlement

Bakery Truck Delivery Man Hurt While Driving on Job

Pre-trial settlement: Payout value of $ 1,100,000 Supreme Court of Dutchess County

The plaintiff, a 36-year-old laborer driving a bakery truck, was rear-ended by a delivery truck owned by a Brooklyn, NY company driven by an employee who had a poor driving history including multiple accidents and DWI convictions. Engineering analysis established significant force impact. Plaintiff suffered spinal injuries resulting in spinal injections and a spinal cord stimulator but sustained permanent disability.

A thorough background check on the employee driver's driving record through Department of Motor Vehicles to show the Brooklyn Company had negligently hired someone who should not have been driving a delivery truck due to multiple driving infractions as per its own hiring and training manual.

$1.1 Million Product Liability Pedestrian Auto Accident Case Settlement

Car Dealer Provides Disabled Driver with Acceleration and Breaking Device but No Training. Driver Gets Confused and Pins Pedestrian Plaintiff Up Against the Wall

PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT (Payout Guaranteed): $ 1,100,000 Supreme Court of Dutchess County

Plaintiff was walking on a sidewalk when an elderly driver drove up over the curb and pinned her against the wall, resulting in severe leg injuries. Defendant was driving a new car which had been outfitted with an alternate acceleration/breaking device because defendant driver had polio. However, this disabled driver had always driven using opposite feet without the device. With only one training session she was sent out on the road and eventually got confused between the brake and the accelerator, which resulted in her hitting the gas instead of the brake and striking the plaintiff. Claim was brought against the defendant driver; the manufacturer of the device for negligent warnings; as well as the car dealership who sold the device without giving the driver proper training.

Our engineer located wrecked car and performed an immediate inspection. Research established the existence of a detailed training manual put out by the manufacturer which the car dealer never bothered to follow. We were prepared to call the author of manufacture as a witness.

$1 Million Medical Malpractice Cancer Case Settlement

Surgeon Negligently Leaves Cancer in Leg

PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT (Post trial while jury deliberating) $ 1,000,000 Supreme Court of Dutchess County

The plaintiff, a young mother of two, discovered she had leg cancer, by diagnosing herself after watching a television show. The surgeon did not get all the cancer during the operation due to failure to do a biopsy during surgery which would have taken ten minutes. The leg was reconstructed and then it was discovered that the cancer lingered. Radiation was required which destroyed the leg.

We proved the surgeon had altered the records to reflect consultation with other doctors. After depositions of the other doctors, we established the chart had been changed. A "Day in the life" video presentation demonstrated what the woman’s life was like on a daily basis. Case settled while jury was deliberating.

$1 Million Medical Malpractice Pre-Trial Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Throat Cancer

Physician Fails to Diagnose Throat Cancer Resulting In Loss of Vocal Cords and Metastasis of Cancer

PRE-TRIAL SETTLEMENT $ 1,000,000 Supreme Court of the State of New York

Plaintiff went to physician due to constant hoarseness. Doctor assured him it was only laryngitis and not cancer. Patient sent to voice therapy and released. Hoarseness persisted so plaintiff went to new doctor who immediately diagnosed throat cancer which was curable if treated initially by first doctor.

We conducted video deposition of surgeon who removed vocal cords who said they could have been saved. Tumor pathology slides were secured to measure stage of cancer to prepare a medical power point.

For New York residents and their families who are seeking the best opportunity for the most effective legal representation when facing charges of DWI, DWAI, misdemeanors, felonies and/or traffic ticket infractions, as well as individuals who have suffered traumatic injuries and devastating loss as a result of the negligence of others, Basso Law provides high quality legal services with free initial phone consult to discuss your case.

For New York accident victims and their families seeking the best opportunity for winning million dollar plus jury verdict, courtroom or settlement recoveries in the Hudson Valley, the accident/injury law firm of Basso Law provides high quality legal services for cases involving personal injury due to motor vehicle, automobile, car, truck, bus, motorcycle, train, airplane or boat accidents; defective highway design; on-the-job or construction accidents involving workers'/workman's comp due to accidents with scaffolding, ladder, or building collapse; slip, trip and fall pedestrian accidents; medical malpractice including failure to diagnose cancer, stroke or heart attack; birth defects, brain damage, cerebral palsy, erb's palsy; medical, drug, anesthesia or surgical errors including laser eye surgery, orthopedic or cosmetic implants; problems with accutane, vioxx, bextra, antidepressants, hormones, contraceptives or birth control; heart devices, pacemakers, and monitors; mesothelioma, leukemia or asbestosis from employment-related chemical exposure; defective or dangerous products / products liability; victims of drunken drivers; Fires, Explosions, Chemical Burns; Brain Injuries; Falling Objects; Hospital, Nursing or Group Home Negligence; Injuries Caused by Dangerous Animals; Food Poisoning including e. coli, mercury, hepatitis, listeria and botulism; Unsafe Buildings and Grounds; Negligent Supervision of Children; Rape or Assault due to poor security; Defective Playgrounds; swimming pool, diving and drowning accidents; Unsafe Conditions in Places of Business; guns, hunting and shooting accidents; wrongful death; and dog bites. 

The firm serves clients from New York including Mid-Hudson region Dutchess County cities, towns and villages of Amenia, Annandale, Arlington, Bangall, Barrytown, Beacon, Beekman, Billings, Castle Point, Chelsea, Clinton Corners, Dover Plains, East Fishkill, Fishkill, Glenham, Holmes, Hopewell Junction, Hughsonville, Hyde Park, LaGrange, Milan, Millbrook, Millerton, North East, Pawling, Pine Plains, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie, Poughquag, Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Rhinecliff, Salt Point, Staatsburg, Stanford, Stanfordville, Stormville, Tivoli, Union Vale, Verbank, Wappinger Falls, Washington, Wassaic, Wingdale; from Orange County cities, towns and villages of Arden, Bellvale, Blooming Grove, Bullville, Campbell Hall, Central Valley, Chester, Circleville, Cornwall, Cornwall-on-Hudson, Cuddebackville, Florida, Fort Montgomery, Godeffroy, Goshen, Greenwood Lake, Harriman, Highland Falls, Highland Mills, Howells, Huguenot, Johnson, Maybrook, Middle Hope, Middletown, Monroe, Montgomery, Mountainville, New Hampton, New Milford, New Windsor, Newburgh, Otisville, Pine Bush, Pine Island, Rock Tavern, Salisbury Mills, Scotchtown, Slate Hill, Southfields, Sparrow Bush, Sterling Forest, Sugar Loaf, Thompson Ridge, Tuxedo Park, Unionville, Vails Gate, Walden, Warwick, Washingtonville, West Point, Westtown; from Ulster County cities, towns and villages of Accord, Bearsville, Big Indian, Bloomington, Boiceville, Chichester, Clintondale, Connelly, Cottekill, Cragsmoor, Denning, Ellenville, Esopus, Gardiner, Glasco, Glenford, Greenfield Park, High Falls, Highland, Highmount, Hurley, Kerhonkson, Kingston, Lake Hill, Lake Katrine, Lloyd, Marbletown, Marlboro, Milton, Modena, Mount Marion, Mount Tremper, Napanoch, New Paltz, Olive Bridge, Phoenicia, Pine Hill, Plattekill, Port Ewen, Rifton, Rochester, Rosendale, Ruby, Saugerties, Shandaken, Shokan, Spring Glen, Stone Ridge, Tillson, Ulster Park, Walker Valley, Warwarsing, West Camp, West Hurley, West Park, West Shokan, Willow, Woodstock; and from neighboring counties of Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Columbia, Greene, Sullivan, Albany, Fairfield, Nassau, Suffolk, New York, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Bronx and beyond.

This web site constitutes attorney advertising. It has been prepared for advertising and informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. The material posted on this web site is not intended to create a lawyer-client relationship, and readers should not act upon it without seeking professional counsel. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. Each case and situation is different and must be handled based upon the specific facts and circumstances unique to that case. For specific answers to questions on an individual case, it is best to consult with an attorney. Accident-Injury Case fees are based on recovery less disbursements (paid by client).